Get Involved!

We are looking for dedicated students interested in neuroscience to help write monthly articles for publication on our website!

Members of the team will have a chance to collaborate with other contributors and work together to improve access to neuroscience for high schoolers across the world!

All members of our team should be current high school students, as The Axon Project wants to be run primarily by high schoolers, but exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Contributors are expected to submit at least 1-2 articles every month. All works will be subject to two sessions of blind editing, first by other contributors, then by our team of editors. All suggested edits should be complete one week after submission. Works should be around 750-1250 words centered around one monthly spotlight theme that will be chosen by the team via voting. Longer analytical/research pieces will be accepted, but the organization should be notified in advanced before writing starts. While The Axon Project is an international organization and will accept contributions from all countries, articles should primarily be in English, i.e., a couple of words in another language is fine as long as the majority of the piece is written in English.

In addition, volunteers can participate as part of the social media team—spreading the word about The Axon Project and the resources it provides. Social media ambassadors will be responsible to increasing access to The Axon Project and maintain its presence on several different social networking sites.

We will be looking for 3-4 editors, 3-4 social media ambassadors, and 10-12 contributors to be a part of our team!


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For contributors and editors, share and paste link(s) to a written sample via Google Drive or Dropbox.
For social media ambassadors, link any relevant social media pages below and write a potential post that would be posted on The Axon Project's Twitter or Instagram page.
Link as a PDF or Google Drive, if possible.

Disclaimer/Organization roles:

While The Axon Project encourages free speech and personal expression, any content expressing views that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc. will not be tolerated and published.

All members will be expected to keep in consistent communication with The Axon Project, as well as contributing to the democratic processes that will be at the core of the organization. However, the executive leadership team will reserve the right to veto any decisions as they see necessary.

Author Rights:

We ask for First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) to publish and the right to permanently archive works in the journal, as well as credit to The Axon Project as a work’s first appearance. All rights will revert to the contributor following publication.