The Axon Project

Our Mission:


We strive to bridge the gap between neuroscience and high school students by providing information, mentorship, and resources to foster passion for the brain and its underlying mechanisms.

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Our Mission

As modern neuroscience continues to grow and shed light upon the underlying mechanisms of human thought and behavior, a new generation of minds cultivating this exciting field is also emerging. Yet the knowledge and existing data are not as accessible nor understandable to younger generations seeking to learn more about the brain. At The Axon Project, we strive to serve as axons making information accessible for students interested in neuroscience.

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We are a student-led project that operates under the guidance of peer reviewers like you. We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in our content creation. If you are interested in joining The Axon Project's team, we encourage you to apply for a volunteer position! Alternatively, we are also looking for professionals to serve on our advisory board. We are so happy to have you on board!


Become An Advisor

If you are a professional interested in overseeing the content that The Axon Project publishes, please email us at with your resume attached. Alternatively, if you are interested in having an article or research published, feel free to contact us as well! 

Volunteer opportunities

If you are a student interested in joining our student-led team, please contact us via our contact form accessible via the link below or in the "Contact" tab. Alternatively, if you are interested in having your own article or research published, feel free to contact us as well!